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Woods Construction offers toothbars for farm and small loaders and most skid loaders.

Standard-duty toothbars are designed to fit most skid steer buckets, offering the versatility of quick modification for excavating. Includes fasteners to attach to any skid loader bucket without a bolt-on edge installed. Shanks are 1/2 x 4-inch long, made with high strength steel for extreme durability and long work life.

Model No. Inside Bucket
Width (in.)
No. of
CETB480 48 to 48-3/8 6
CETB540 54 to 54-3/8 6
CETB600 60 to 60-3/8 7
CETB630 63 to 63-3/8 8
CETB720 72 to 72-3/8 8
CETB730 73 to 73-3/8 8
CETB780 78 to 78-3/8 9
CETB840 84 to 84-3/8 9

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