We are the original. We are Woods Construction.

In 1946, three brothers, Leonard, Keith and Mervel Wood, invested everything they had in their new creation, the first tractor-mounted rotary cutter. Their new business began in a Quonset hut in rural Illinois. The hut has long since been engulfed by a sophisticated manufacturing facility. But, we’re still producing innovative and nearly indestructible agricultural and construction attachments there and in our factory in Wisconsin.

When Woods entered the construction market in 1994 we began building a reputation for best-in-class products by selectively adding industry-leading brands:

Gannon® box scrapers (1994)
Wain-Roy® quick change coupler systems (1997) 
Alitec™ skid steer attachments (1999) 
Central Fabricator (CF®) buckets (1999)

Each brought a rich heritage of quality and performance, proven for years in the construction industry. Over the decades, many companies have imitated, but no one can duplicate our innovation, versatility, and superb durability. We are the original Woods Construction brands. 

Our products are backed by a network of authorized Woods Construction dealers, prepared to promptly handle your sales and service needs. Click here to find a Construction Equipment dealer near you.

Don’t see what you want on our website? Ask a dealer or email constructioninfo@woodsequipment.com. We’re proud of our ability to make custom attachments that are exactly what you need.

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